SP Premium Pressings & Assemblies

  Areas of our Business
Metal stamping in all metals
Projection-spot-TIG-robotic MIG welding
Metal fabrication-assembling 
Wire Erosion
Components-assemblies for automotive industries
Providers of subcontract presswork
Plating, painting, barrelling
Heat treatment
Shotblasting for all parts

SP Premium Pressings & Assemblies

Having gained over 35 years experience in manufacturing and supplying Premium Pressings and Assemblies to our valued customers, we can offer you the confidence and peace of mind that we will consistently produce a high quality product delivered on time. Our aim is to continually meet your expectations, whilst improving all aspects of our business. This is backed up by 100% deliveries to schedule and over 99% correct product supplied for the whole of last year.

Getting the product right: with our expertise and the immediate support of our in-house tool room, we are able to develop your current products whilst providing a prototyping and tool maintenance facility. This also enables the prompt adaptation of your resource tooling and thereby accelerates production start-up. A recent resource project involving a suite of four tools was successfully adapted and manufacturing product within three days. The re-designing and manufacture of a new progression press tool gave one of our customers a 35% reduction in raw material usage, resulting in component cost down.

Providing value for money and price competitiveness through clever manufacturing processes and intelligent global sourcing. We aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase our share of the market, which will ultimately benefit all our customers. By designing an automated process for TIG welding, we reduced the reject rate from 29% to less than 1% for a leading first tier automotive supplier. The use of Decade tool protection has reduced tool damage, tool down time and reject components.

The positive administrative benefits of using a UK supplier who can provide a tailor-made parts service with the ability to manufacture and deliver to unforeseen short lead-times. Backed up by friendly, knowledgeable people you know and trust, who react positively and quickly to any problem and always keep you informed.

Having the ability to hold your stock by agreement enables us to assist you with your cash flow, storage space and delivery management issues. This can be aided by manufacturing larger batches that in turn can reduce unit price. Our existing customers benefiting from this service are leading suppliers of roof systems, engine components, seating and lighting.

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